EDCO is a collaborative of 16 urban and suburban school districts serving the Greater Boston area and beyond. We are governed by a board of directors comprised of superintendents and school committee members representing each of our member school districts.

Mr. Peter Light, Superintendent, Vice Chair
Acton-Boxborough Regional School District

Mr. Bill Hayner, School Committee
Arlington Public Schools

Mr. Philip Conrad, Superintendent
Bedford Public Schools

Ms. Amy Checkoway, School Committee
Belmont Public Schools

Ms. Helen Charlupski, School Committee
The Public Schools of Brookline

Mr. James O’Shea, Superintendent
Carlisle Public Schools

Ms. Laurie Hunter, Superintendent
Concord Public Schools
Concord-Carlisle Regional School District

Ms. Julie Hackett, Superintendent
Lexington Public Schools

Dr. Rebecca McFall, Superintendent
Lincoln Public Schools

Ms. Bella Wong, Superintendent, Chair
Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District

Ms. Tamika Olszewski, School Committee
Newton Public Schools

Mr. Brad Crozier, Superintendent
Sudbury Public Schools

Mr. Brian Reagan, Superintendent
Waltham Public Schools

Ms. Dede Galdston, Superintendent
Watertown Public Schools

Dr. Marguerite Connolly, Superintendent
Weston Public Schools