EDCO (pronounced Ed-Co) is a collaborative of 16 urban and suburban school districts serving the Greater Boston area and beyond. We are governed by a board of directors comprised of superintendents and school committee members representing each of our member school districts.  All EDCO programs and services are developed and implemented through consultation with member school districts and other sponsoring agencies. EDCO Collaborative Roundtables often facilitate the gathering of information needed for planning programs, services, and professional learning opportunities. Programs align with EDCO’s mission, reflect the priorities of EDCO’s primary constituencies, and are provided in a cost effective manner through interdistrict and interagency collaboration.

EDCO Collaborative’s range of services includes professional learning opportunities for educators; special education and alternative education programs for students with disabilities and at-risk youth; in-district consultation, special education transportation through a cost effective consortium of adjacent communities; and cooperative purchasing of utilities and other items upon request.

In addition, EDCO provides services to youth and adults through a variety of state and federally funded programs, including the Massachusetts Migrant Education Program, the Special Education Surrogate Parent Program, Wrentham Habilitative Services, the EDCO Title III Consortium, and the EDCO Youth Alternative Program.