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Edgenuity’s award-winning courses combine rigorous content with direct-instruction videos from expert, on-screen teachers with interactive learning tools and resources to engage and motivate students. Our online courses for core curriculum, AP®, elective, Career and Technical Education (CTE), dual credit, and credit recovery are based on the rigor and high expectations of state, Common Core, NGSS, and iNACOL standards. 

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Edgenuity gives schools the flexibility to offer the right courses for your students’ needs. Our online courses are available for credit and concept recovery, initial credit, and as honors courses for students who want to further challenge themselves. Designed to inspire lifelong learning, Edgenuity’s courses can be used in any blended or online learning model.

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Course Catalog Summer 2020

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English Language Arts



Social Studies

Test Preparation 

Subscription-based Electives

Instructional Services Electives 


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Advanced Placement

General Electives

World Languages


Career and Technical Education

Purpose Prep Social Emotional Learning

Dual Credit


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Our online courses are available for credit and concept recovery, initial credit, and as honors courses for students who want to further challenge themselves.

Credit Recovery Courses: designed for students who did not complete or did not pass a course the first time taken.

These courses feature instruction and assignments that meet Common Core and state standards; ave limited or no teacher-graded assignments; take an average of 40 hours per semester.

Initial Credit Courses: these courses provide students the opportunity to take additional classes, or complete required courses they were unable to schedule during the regular school day. This is a flexible alternative for students taking a class for the first time.

These courses feature extended instruction and assignments for complete coverage of standards; Contain teacher-graded assignments; take an average of 50 hours per semester.

Honors Courses: Our honors courses offer advanced curricula and rigorous timelines that proceed at a faster pace, covering more material than regular classes. Honors classes are designed to challenge talented high school students who excel in a given subject.

Honors courses have additional instruction and/or assignments to extend learning; Contain additional and more rigorous teacher-graded assignments; take an average of 60 hours per semester.

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EDCO also provides administrative services to help students and caregivers at every step, from registration and enrollment, to the reporting of progress and grade to school districts. 

Our Administrative Services Include:

  • Provide support for students, parents, schools and districts
  • Enrollments and processing of students into the virtual program via an open and rolling admissions process
  • Monitors student progression and participation in courses 
  • Grade reporting at quarters and semesters to administration 
  • Weekly reporting of progress and attendance 
  • Priority support from the vendor through EDCO as a large client group 
  • Consultation for program development, implementation and long-range planning. 
  • Face to face support and various communications during the program planning, implementation and development beyond the initial program implementation  
  • EDCO networking and needs assessment 
  • Functions as liaison 
  • Negotiates with vendors and handles billing, invoicing, and payment management 
  • Assistance with marketing and program promotion 
  • Coordination and management of Summer Programs for Credit Recovery, initial credit, Learning Loss, etc.
  • School year and summer school programming
  • Student enrollment and monitoring throughout year
  • Student and family orientations
  • Reporting of data, progress and grades to district