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What’s included with your tuition fee? 

EDCO Administrative Services

• Provide support for students, parents, schools and districts • Enrollments and processing of students into the virtual program via an open and rolling admissions process

• Monitors student progression and participation in courses 

• Grade reporting at quarters and semesters to administration 

• Weekly reporting of progress and attendance 

• Priority support from the vendor through EDCO as a large client group 

• Consultation for program development, implementation and long-range planning. 

• Face to face support and various communications during the program planning, implementation and development beyond the initial program implementation  

• EDCO networking and needs assessment 

• Functions as liaison 

• Negotiates with vendors and handles billing, invoicing, and payment management 

• Assistance with marketing and program promotion 

• Coordination and management of Summer Programs for Credit Recovery, initial credit, Learning Loss, etc.

• School year and summer school programming

Student enrollment and monitoring throughout year 
Student and family orientations 
Reporting of data, progress and grades to district 

Back to School 2020 – 2021

Provide member districts a virtual solution for students to take the following types of courses
Initial Credit
Credit Recovery
AP courses
World Languages
Provide member districts the opportunity to keep their students in district, yet provide a full-time virtual experience for their students K-12
Working with a provider that is NCAA approved, so athletes are not at risk when taking semester or full year initial credit courses
Highly qualified – state certified virtual instructors
On Demand Tutoring Available to Students (Core Subjects) Mon-Fri 8am EST-9pm EST, Sat 11am EST-7pm EST
Attached documents are K-12 Instructional Services and MA course list.

Credit Recovery, Summer Boosters, and Learning Loss Summer – $180 per student for parents or districts, or if districts send 10 or more students $165

eDynamics Electives – $250 per student for parents or districts, or $135 if the district sends 10 or more students

Odysseyware K-5 Summer – $180 per student for parents or districts or if district sends 10 or more students $165