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EDCO Youth Alternative Interim Program
James Amara, Interim Director
Located at 36 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA

There may be times when a student is suspended from his/her school program for disciplinary code violations and/or school district personnel are unclear about the most effective educational options for students. EDCO Youth Alternative ~ Interim offers a short-term educational program for students who meet these criteria, serving students in grades 6-12.  Students in this program continue to work on academic assignments provided by their home district, overseen, supported and coordinated by general education teachers.  Students have access to counseling services either on an individual or group basis.  Student tenure in the program may vary based upon the duration of the student’s suspension (5-90 days).  For students who attend for less than 45 days, districts receive an academic summary of topics covered and work completed in each subject area.  For stays longer than 45 days, progress is summarized through the development of an individual observational assessment report that addresses academic progress as well as behavioral and social/emotional observational data.  The report culminates in recommendations for instructional methodology, support services and transition planning, addressing both long term as well as short-term transition needs.

Program highlights:

  • The programs offer a continuum of general education classes, including special area subjects, designed to meet local school district graduation requirements.
  • Classes in the short-term program are conducted by DESE certified content area teachers.
  • Students receive a personalized approach to their educational program with education-related mental health services are infused throughout the school day.
  • Strong collaboration between teaching and counseling staff
  • Staff participates in daily “debriefing’ sessions and weekly staff meetings to plan and collaborate about students.
  • Students are taught to identify their emotional and social responses to stressors and t learn new coping mechanisms
  • Interventions emphasize self-monitoring, self-control, and self-management strategies
  • Communication with parents is on-going
  • Students transition back to their local school district school programs with recommendations based upon student needs.

For more information or to make a referral contact James Amara
at or call 339-222-5623.