Serving Parochial and Private Schools
throughout the City of Boston

Jim Amara, Title I Services Administrator

EDCO Collaborative serves as fiscal agent for the Boston Public Schools in providing Title I, Title IIA, Title III, TItle IVa, and homeless education services to eligible students and staff at qualifying parochial and private schools in Boston. Services for Title I eligible schools and students may take the form of tutoring, small group instruction, computer assisted instruction, and summer programming in English Language Arts and mathematics.

Professional development opportunities aimed at enhancing teacher effectiveness are provided under Title IIA to more than three hundred private school teachers throughout the city of Boston through workshops, conferences, consultation, and coaching.

The Homeless Education Resource Network supports students who are homeless to enhance their success in school.  The program’s goal is to provide full support and resources to students who are temporarily without homes so that they can have stable learning experiences in school.