The EDCO Partners Program provides comprehensive academic instruction as well as intensive social and life skills instruction to academically capable adolescents diagnosed who may have an educational disability of Autism (formerly considered Asperger’s Syndrome or High Functioning Autism), Non-verbal Learning Disabilities, and/or similar challenges.  The program offers a small, highly supportive, therapeutic milieu but who also benefit from having access to the wide range of opportunities offered within an inclusive public high school.  Therapeutic and supportive by nature, the EDCO Partners Program fosters students’ emotional growth through weekly individual counseling sessions and ongoing milieu counseling. Highly individualized, the program offers a wide range of options depending upon students’ individual preferences, needs and post-secondary visions.

Program Highlights:

• Student to staff ratio is approximately 3:1.

• Ongoing milieu counseling is provided on an as-needed basis.

• Staff members maintain consistent communication with families, psychiatrists, outpatient therapists, and other collaterals via phone or email to collaborate as a team on behalf of each student.

• An online Google site is utilized to keep families informed and to provide access to schedule, curriculum, and homework.

• Individual Chromebooks are provided for each student along with EDCO student e-mail accounts and access to academics and online texts through Google Docs and Google Drive.

• Students are assisted in meeting home-district eligibility requirements for graduation and earn diplomas from their home school districts.

• Students participate in social skills, transition skills, and life skills groups on a weekly basis and participate in community trips to practice learned skills in real life settings.

• A five-week summer program is available that focuses on transition planning, social & life skills.

• Students choosing to attend for an optional 5th year of studies attend a local community college as part of their schedule each week.

• Students receive weekly group instruction in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to learn skills for self-managing strong emotions and thoughts, and for increasing effective interactions with others. Students receive further DBT skills coaching during their weekly individual counseling time.

• Executive functioning education and supports so students learn to develop organizational systems that work for them

• Social Pragmatics Groups to support our students in understanding the social “rules” and how to navigate social situations they encounter.

• Community Service opportunities each month