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The EDCO North Crossing Therapeutic Day School  is an approved public day school certified by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide special education services to adolescents.  We are located in Bedford, MA in a beautiful, recently renovated, state of the art building.  Our program serves students in grades 6 – 12 whose social and emotional needs warrant placement in a specialized therapeutic educational setting.  Our students’ may have mental health diagnoses and share a common need for specially designed instruction provided within a supportive, structured educational environment that offers strong academic and clinical intervention delivered in collaboration with families and collateral contacts.  We are not able to accept students who demonstrate frequent assaultive, aggressive or violent behaviors.

Our small student population enables the EDCO North Crossing staff to provide individualized instruction while maintaining the integrity of the curriculum. Our teachers are special education and content certified and are trained to provide instruction to meet the needs of diverse and reluctant learners.   We offer a variety of courses in the four major content areas: English, History, Science, and Mathematics. Additionally, we offer instruction in Physical Education and Health and electives such as technology, music and art.

Our clinical staff provides individual and group counseling using evidence-based strategies.  Treatment modalities include, but are not limited to: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, trauma-focused therapy, and group therapies.  The EDCO North Crossing Therapeutic Day School works closely with students, families, the students’ school districts, and collateral agencies to ensure a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan.

Program highlights:

  • Licensed special education teachers and/or general education teachers with content area expertise
  • Small student-to-staff ratio with frequent 1:1 academic support
  • Individualized and multi-modal approach to teaching
  • Counseling, offered both 1:1 and small, clinical groups
  • Instruction and commitment to engage reluctant learners
  • Intensive and continuous instruction with a focus toward preparation for transition to life after high school
  • Technology addressed in classroom and computer lab
  • Community trips to practice and reinforce skills and to engage in community service