Tuition Programs, Initiatives, Contracts, and Grants

In keeping with our mission to improve education through interdistrict and interagency collaboration, to provide high quality education and related services to students-at-risk and to enhance equity, intercultural understanding and equal opportunity in education, EDCO Collaborative offers four special education programs for students with low incidence disabilities:

EDCO Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
EDCO Partners Program
EDCO North Crossing Therapeutic Day Program
EDCO 45-Day Assessment Program
EDCO New Pathways New!
EDCO Center for Academic, Behavior, and Character Development  New!

As a result of competitive grant processes or inter-agency agreements several contracts have been awarded to EDCO allowing us to establish partnerships with state and federal agencies and serve diverse and at-risk populations:

Special Education Surrogate Parent Program
Massachusetts Migrant Education Program
New England High School Equivalency Program
Wrentham Habilitative Center
Boston Youth Alternative Program